Andi Wang is a Russian-Chinese fashion talent, known for his modern luxury, sophisticated and minimalist-chic designs. He is greatly influenced by the history of Art&Culture, the modern contemporary architecture and the fashion icons of the 1960s.



He started travelling with his parents at the early age of 5 where he became acquainted with various cultures.



His family then moved to Malta when Andi was 10 and this is when he began to show promising talent in fine art. 3 years later he travelled to Scotland, Greece and The Netherlands to further his studies in Art and Design and in which time he was able to further develop his skills. 2 years later, he opened his solo contemporary Art Exhibition in Valletta.



Although the Art Exhibition was a success. he was not fulfilled with his passion for creativity and this is what inspired him to become a fashion designer. With fine art as a background, Andi's fashion illustration was impacable and this landed him a role as chief designer for a local prestigious brand. He has dedicated all his time focusing on quality craftsmanship and innovation, making beautiful clothes not only for women but also for men.



He draped fluid materials such as silk crêpe to create simple, loosely structured daywear and dramatic eveningwear with minimal sewing and embellishment and without corsetry.



'' I want women to feel confident, feminine and effortless-chic when wearing my clothes.'' explains Andi.



All Andi's designs are custom made, guaranteed to make you feel Unique, Beautiful and extra Special.


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